Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Pratt & Larson Outlet Store

We're having a sale at the Outlet Store! There are some great deals on porcelain and stone tile but the best deal at the Outlet are the handmade tiles.

The tile at the Outlet Store comes from a number of different sources. Most of the tile are seconds from the Pratt & Larson factory. Pratt & Larson manufactures tile right here in Portland, Oregon. (Ask us for a tour sometime!) We make tile for showrooms all across the country and sometimes we make too much of a particular color or a glaze doesn't turn out quite as we intended. Rather than throwing this material away or trying to save it up for another order we send it to the outlet store. When we experiment with new colors or shapes lots of tests and trials are created. They might not have been the test result we were looking for but it might be just the piece you need for your mosaic. 
Field Tile is organized by color
Unusual trim pieces

There are sinks too!

We're a creative bunch here and being surrounded with all these great materials inspires some of us to try our hand at making tile. Some of these beautiful creations find their way to the Outlet Store too.

P&L employee creations

Local vendors sometimes bring us their seconds to sell too. We might have some beautiful murals from Tempest Tileworks or colorful recycled glass tile from Stardust Glass. When any of our vendors discontinues a line all the samples are sent to the Outlet so you never know what you might find.  

Recycled glass tile from Stardust Glass

Hand painted tile from Paty Maly
Pebble Table Top Display from Island Stone
There are lots of reasons to shop at the outlet. Maybe you're working on a big project and have a small budget. Tile at the outlet starts at only $1 a pound. Maybe you have a tight deadline and are looking for a few special pieces you can take home today instead of waiting the usual 4 to 6 weeks. Lots of people use the tile at the outlet for mosaic projects like a garden wall or stepping stones.  New tile arrives at the outlet store every day. If you have a big project to work on you might consider coming back a few times to collect enough material for your job. Our Outlet Store staff are great at designing with the materials on hand and happy to help with ideas for your projects. Come see us soon!
Design idea of the day


  1. Do you guys mind if I post this as a FB update? ~

  2. Any help getting the word out would be great! Thanks!

  3. Do you ship to other states from the outlet store?

    1. Unfortunately we don't ship from the outlet store, but come visit us in Portland anytime!

  4. Thinking of driving North from San Francisco to visit your store this August. Any sale happening soon? Thanks.

    1. Hi Fiona, We don't have a sale in particular scheduled but the outlet is full of great stuff right now! Come on by and see us and ask for a factory tour while you're here - we'd be happy to show you around!

  5. Will you be open the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend (i.e., May 28th)? Thanks.

  6. We’ve been stumbling around the internet and found your blog along the way.

    We love your work! What a great corner of the internet :)


  7. Hi,
    any chance you have the 1x4' white herringbone tile in your outlet store? I absolutely love this tile but it's about $64/tile. Any chance you have it in the outlet store for cheaper?
    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Silvia, you never know what will be in the outlet! Feel free to give us a call - 503-231-9464 but keep in mind we don't ship from the outlet so you would have to come in to pick it up. Thanks!